6 Workshops

Musculoskeletal radiology education is an important aspect of InnoVision’s mission. In order to do this, we deliver education in four ways:
1.The on-site one year musculoskeletal radiology fellowship:
This is an intensive one year course which involves musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal radiology, participation in ultrasound, CT and fluoroscopy guided pain management procedures as well as performing and interpreting musculoskeletal CT, MRI, ultrasound and radiographic studies. There is a 50% component of non-musculoskeletal imaging work which must also be done during this fellowship. Radiologists with at least three years of training and proficiency in reporting non-musculoskeletal radiographs, CT, MRI and ultrasound can apply. This is an extremely busy fellowship program. One year commitment is mandatory and it is advisable that you DO NOT plan for any long leave exceeding one week during this time (no studying for exams/big fat Indian Weddings :).
If you are interested in this option, email us at fellowship@innovisionimaging.com Or filling out the online fellowship application which requires you to submit a CV, personal statement and take a basic test including 15 non musculoskeletal cases (this will be on learn.innovisionimaging.com soon)

2.Live workshops/conference
These are on site conferences within the city of Mumbai held 2-4 times a year which are focused on various parts of musculoskeletal imaging, including independence joints, spine and pediatric musculoskeletal imaging. These are more traditional conferences which allow face-to-face interactions and meeting with peers from around the country while spending some time exploring Mumbai. We will release information for these on our website, Facebook and Instagram as and when they are planned.

3. Online workshop with live interaction:
These are eight week long online conferences where there are recorded lectures, multiple-choice questions that allow you to consolidate concepts, 12 to 24 cases which are to be interpreted along with a detailed structured reporting form following which you can compare your interpretation against a group of experts and subsequently listen to a video explaining the concepts and important aspects of the case. This also has 2 weekly live zoom conferences with all participants and faculty where cases are reviewed and questions answered live. These courses are ideal for those who wish to have live interactions and ask questions with immediate responses.
We will release information for these on our website, Facebook and Instagram as and when they are planned.

3.Online workshop only:
These are almost the same as the above mentioned online workshops with all the lectures, multiple choice questions, cases, structured reporting forms and post case discussions WITHOUT the live faculty sessions. This course offers almost all the features of the online workshop with live interaction but with the ability to start the course at your convenience and go through cases at your own pace without waiting for the live interaction sessions. These courses are ideal for people who are strapped for time and would like to take the courses at their own pace. Furthermore, as there is no live interaction, the courses are less expensive. A special discount is given for resident doctors also. You can join these courses at any time by going to: http://learn.innovisionimaging.com